Fuel Supply

Here at Anglesey Oil Ltd. We only supply fuel of the highest standard and quality that we source from UK Oil Refineries and in order to get you the best price possible, we regularly check the oil market.

For home heating we supply Kerosene 28sec or Heating Oil as its more commonly known. Gas Oil 35sec or Red Diesel is used for agricultural or off road use, where vehicles in the construction, commercial and marine industries are not used on the road. It is also used as a heating fuel in some commercial systems. We also supply ULSD, more commonly known as Derv, Road Fuel or White Diesel is used for the use in vehicles used on the road such as cars, vans, buses and trucks.

All of the above fuels can be delivered in bulk by our delivery tankers, with a minimum order of 500 lts. We have a range of delivery tankers that are capable of providing our customers that have certain delivery requirements, be that a small domestic home or a large commercial factory.

Our customers are also welcome to collect fuel from our fuel pumps on our yard in Gaerwen, where a smaller amount of fuel is needed.

AdBlue is becoming very popular in all diesel vehicles in order to reduce emissions.

We supply AdBlue on pump at our yard or either in 18 ltr and 210 ltr drums or in 1000ltr IBSs.

Equipment is also available.

Contact us now for more information, prices and to order.